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About us

Located in Guangzhou, Aqualitek Water Treatment Technologies Co., Ltd.(short for “AQT”) specializes in designing, manufacturing and providing both complete water treatment systems and component parts for residential , commercial and industrial applications.

We offer a wide range of high quality products with competitive prices, including filters,softeners,Ultrafiltration(UF) systems,Nanofiltration(UF) systems,reverse osmosis(RO) systems,Deionized( DI )&EDI( Electro-deionization) systems, chemical dosing system, etc. We also can provide a large number of components and spare parts with the best service and minimum delivery times to our customers.

With the benefit of technical & engineering knowledge and the experienced senior engineers, We can be your trustworthy and professional partner ,Contact us to learn more.



Contact: Daniel Zhou

Phone: 15102071786


Email: daniel@aqualitek.com

Add: No.141 Shichen Rd.Panyu District Guangzhou

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